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"It is crucially important that the general public has the opportunity to inform itself knowledgeably and intelligibly on the endeavours and results of scientific research. Restricting scientific findings to a small group of people weakens the philosophical spirit of a nation and leads to its intellectual impoverishment." (Albert Einstein, Princeton, 1948)

With this quotation in mind, the Albert Einstein Society was founded on 28 June 1977, on the initiative of Dr. Max Flückiger. To his Presidency we owe, among other things, the opening of Einstein House, the renaming of a street in Bern after Einstein, the awarding of the Einstein Medal, and the appointment of a Scientist Board of Trustees.
On 14 March 1979, Einstein House was opened at Kramgasse No. 49 in Bern to mark the 100th anniversary of Einstein's birth. The Albert Einstein Society sees it as its duty to ensure that Einstein's former flat remains open to the public as a commemoration site.

The Albert Einstein Society has the following objectives:

· Running Einstein House as a commemoration site.
· Awarding the Einstein Medal
· Managing the Einstein Club
· Publishing the Albert Einstein Society Newsletter: "Olympia"
· Organizing special events for its members.
· Maintaining contact with the University of Bern and other public institutions and authorities.

The Albert Einstein Society is very happy to welcome new members. The Managing Committee meets several times a year in order to discuss current affairs, new ideas, etc.

The Einstein Club

For club members the "Einstein Parlour" is available as a historic site for meetings, small receptions, etc. For this jewel in the heart of the old part of Bern there is a membership fee, of course. Club members may be individuals, firms, executive boards, etc. Members of the Einstein Club support the objectives of the Albert Einstein Society. Interested?

The Albert Einstein Society Newsletter: "Olympia"
DThe Albert Einstein Society issues a regular newsletter containing information on its activities, about Einstein House, and interesting or amusing facts about Einstein's life. A report about the awarding of the Einstein Medal and general information is also included.
"Olympia" may be ordered from
Einstein House in German or in English.


Further Activities

In addition to its general meeting, the Albert Einstein Society organizes special events for its members every year, such as talks, guided tours, common meals, etc.

How Do You Become a Member?

The Albert Einstein Society has more than 250 members from Switzerland and abroad. New members are warmly welcome. The projects of the Einstein Society are of a cultural nature, most of them being carried out on the basis of volunteer work. The Einstein Society is therefore grateful for membership fees and, of course, donations. Upon payment of the annual fee (sFr. 50.-) you receive written information on the Albert Einstein Society, are invited to all its activities, and get the "Olympia" newsletter.
(PC 30-38112-0, Valiant Bank, 3001 Bern, for 16 6300, Einstein-Haus,
Kramgasse 49, Postfach 638, 3000 Bern 8)


The Managing Board of the Albert Einstein Society

Prof. Dr. Hans-Rudolf Ott, Präsident

  T +41 44 633 23 11

Heinz Messerli, Kassier 

  T +41 79 675 52 09
Dr. Paul Burkhard
T +41 31 331 77 36
Prof. Dr. Silvio Decurtins    
Walter Inäbnit   T +41 31 978 01 00
Prof. Dr. Jürg Schacher


T +41 79 549 92 11
Georg von Wattenwyl   T +41 31 771 21 52

Dr. Stefan Widmer


T +41 31 312 06 80




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